Public and Private Institutional Development

Public and Private Institutional Development, 1850-1980

Religion and Spirituality, 1850-1980 (see ethnic/cultural contexts)

Social Clubs and Organizations, 1850-1980 (see ethnic/cultural contexts)

Private Recreational Facilities, 1880-1980

Education, 1876-1980 (also see ethnic/cultural contexts)

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Historic Context, 1870-1969

Public and Private Health and Medicine, 1850-1980

Healthcare and Medicine and Ethnic/Cultural Associations (see ethnic/cultural contexts)
Important Persons in L.A.'s Medical History, 1850-1980
Medical Building Types, 1850-1980
Public Healthcare/Social Medicine, 1850-1980

Government Infrastructure and Services

Federal Infrastructure, Programs, and Services

U.S. Post Offices in California, 1900-1941 (National Register Thematic Nomination Form)

U.S.P.S. Nationwide Historic Context Study: Postal Facilities Constructed or Occupied Between 1940 and 1971

WPA, 1935-1943

Municipal Infrastructure, Programs and Services

Municipal Water and Power, 1902-1980

Street Lights and the Bureau of Street Lighting, 1900-1980

Post WWII Fire Stations, 1947-1963

Los Angeles Branch Library System, 1913-1930 (National Register Thematic Nomination Form)

Municipal Parks, Recreation, Recreation, and Leisure, 1886-1978

Transportation Infrastructure

Historic Highway Bridges of California (National Multiple Property Documentation Form)

Telephone History and Development, 1881-1974

Military Institutions and Activities, 1850-1989* (also see ethnic/cultural contexts)

Los Angeles Harbor and Coastal Defense Fortifications, 1914-1945
World War II and the American Homefront, 1939-1945
Defense Industry, 1914-1989
Recruitment Stations and Military/Veteran Services, 1914-1989
Los Angeles and the Cold War, 1946-1989
Air Raid Sirens and Civil Defense, 1939-1960

Newspapers and Publishing, 1850-1980 (see ethnic/cultural contexts)

Cultural Development and Institutions, 1850-1980* 
(see Guidelines for Evaluating Resources Associated with Significant Persons in Los Angeles and ethnic/cultural contexts)

Performing Arts, 1870-1980
Visual Arts, 1888-1980
Literature, 1850-1980
Literature, Music and Art, 1920-1970
Public Art, 1900-1980*
Folk Art, 1850-1980

Twentieth Century Folk Art Environments in California (National Register Thematic Nomination Form)


* Context/Themes marked with an asterisk are currently in progress.