Other Actions (Revocations & Nuisance Use Abatement)
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Legend: APC-Area Planning Commission

Charter Sec. 563 (b) (2) (B) Conditional Use Permits and Other Similar Quasi - Judicial Approvals)

(B) If the Council is acting as the appellate body, the Council's action may be subject to Mayoral approval and Council override of Mayoral disapproval by a two-thirds vote of the Council, if so provided by ordinance.

Charter Sec. 564. Projects Requiring Multiple Approvals.

If a project requires approvals by both the Zoning Administrator and either an Area Planning Commission or the City Plannin Commission, those approvals that would otherwise be heard and determined by the Zoning Administrator shall be heard and determined by the Area Planning Commission or City Planning Commission, whichever has jurisdicition over the other approvals required for the project. Approvals for a project that requires both quasi-judicial and legislative actions shall be heard and determined by the City Planning Commission, except as provided in Section 565.

Charter Sec. 563 (b) Appeal Process

There shall be no further appeal from the decision of the Area Planning Commission to deny a variance. However, the action of the Area Planning Commission is subject to Council review pursuant to Section 245.

Variance - Procedure 5

Variances - Code Section 12.27