We work to elevate the quality of public and private design, creating a more vibrant, livable, walkable, and sustainable Los Angeles.
360 °
Three Design Approaches:
Pedestrian First.  360° Design.  Climate Adapted.
Change in a great city like Los Angeles is inevitable. It is an ongoing and, most often, a gradual process that comes in many forms. New development brings changes, as do new regulations, a shifting economy, new technology, and expanding knowledge. It combines principles of city planning, architecture, and landscape architecture to re-imagine the city as more than buildings and roads, but as a space for connectivity,
Our Guiding Values and Themes
  • A public realm that matches L.A.'s remarkable private spaces
  • Elevating design expectations for private development
  • Creating a walkable Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles as a center of design innovation and experimentation
  • Valuing each community's distinctive context and history
  • Designing for sustainability
  • Designing for health and wellness