Zoning Code Updates

Revising the Zoning Code

Los Angeles City Planning is at work on a comprehensive overhaul of the Zoning Code through the ongoing re:code LA project. The new Zoning Code will be simple, easy to use, and web-based.

The current Zoning Code comprises Chapter I of the Los Angeles Municipal Code. The City updates the current Zoning Code regularly to reflect policy changes, address stakeholders’ issues and concerns, maintain consistency with state and federal laws, and incorporate voter-initiated ballot measures that mandate changes to the Zoning Code.

Read more about the re:code LA project’s vision for a new Zoning Code and the City’s ongoing amendments to the current Zoning Code below.

Comprehensive Code Revision

re:code LA was officially launched on June 12, 2013. The project aims to create a brand new Zoning Code that is more responsive to the varied needs of Los Angeles’s many neighborhoods. re:code LA is among the country’s most ambitious code overhauls.

The new Zoning Code will offer a new set of zoning tools to meet the needs of the City’s neighborhoods and help realize the visions of their residents. As City Planning updates Community Plans throughout Los Angeles, the team will continue to develop any new zoning districts needed for each plan area.

Targeted Code Amendments

The City updates the current Zoning Code with targeted Code amendments. Intended to address specific issues, these are relatively limited in scope. Targeted Code amendments are ordinances adopted by the City on an as-needed basis that revise existing land use regulations. The City might use targeted Code amendments to address local concerns or to maintain consistency with changes to federal and state laws.

Click the Plans & Policies menu for lists of proposed and adopted ordinances. After the new Zoning Code takes effect, the City will continue to make targeted amendments to the Code in response to issues of local concern and changes to other laws.