LEAD AGENCY: City of Los Angeles

SCH #2003121098

SITE LOCATION: 15357 Magnolia Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Site Plan Review, Affordable Housing density bonus, Approval of a demolition permit for the Los Angeles Cultural-Historic Monument No. 184, “Tower of Wooden Pallets” by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission to permit the construction of a residential development consisting of 98 multi-family dwelling units on the 1.43 acre site.  The 98 units would be located in a 45-foot tall structure with three residential levels situated above an at-grade parking garage providing 185 spaces.  The residential building would provide a mix of unit types that would include 31 three bedroom units, 62 four or more bedroom units and the five smaller units designated “affordable disabled.”  The building would incorporate amenities for its residents, including a spa, swimming pool, a recreation room and a gym and security lighting.  The building would be designed in a Mediterranean style with smooth painted stucco on the exterior.

Draft Environmental Impact Report Table of Contents of Graphics Exhibits

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II-1               Regional Map (137k)

II-2               Vicinity Map (9M)

II-3               Views of the Project Site, Views 1 and 2 (1.9M)

II-4               Views of the Project Site, Views 3 and 4 (1.9M)

II-5               Views of the Surrounding Land Uses (2.6M)

II-6               Views of the Surrounding Land Uses (2.5M)

II-7               Related Projects Location Map (1.3M)

III-1              Existing Site Plan (646k)

III-2              Proposed Site Plan (1.1M)

III-3              South and West Elevations (1.1M)

III-4              North and East Elevation (1M)

IV.B-1          Tree Location Map (2M)

IV.B-2          Views of the Project Site (1.9M)

IV.E-1          Regional Fault Map (868k)

IV.H-1          Noise Monitoring Locations (651k)

IV.H-2          Typical Construction Equipment Noise Levels (111k)

IV.J-1           Van Nuys Community Police Station (124k)

IV.J-2           Fire Station Location Map (114k)

IV.J-3           School Location Map (115k)

IV.K-1          Existing Lane Configurations (423k)

IV.K-2          Existing (2003) Traffic Volumes AM and PM Peak Hour (546k)

IV.K-3          Project Traffic Distribution (1.4M)

IV.K-4          Project Traffic Volumes AM/PM Peak Hour (455k)

IV.K-5          Related Projects Location Map (1.3M)

IV.K-6          Future Traffic Conditions (2005) With Project (491k)

IV.K-7          Future Traffic Conditions (2005) Without Project (492k)