A.    TITLE PAGE (58 KB)






      A.  Overview of Environmental Setting

      B.   Related Projects



      A.  Project Location (62 KB)

      B.   Overview of Environmental Setting (99 KB)

      C.  Statement of Project Objectives (51 KB)

      D.  Project Characteristics (125 KB)

      E.   Project Approvals Required (87 KB)

      F.   Related Projects (87 KB)





     A.  Aesthetics/ Views (144 KB)

     B.   Air Quality (189 KB)

     C.  Biological Resources (134 KB)

     D.  Geotechnical Hazards (157 KB)

     E.   Historic Resources (150 KB)

     F.   Hydrology/ Water Quality (133 KB)

     G.  Land Use (194 KB)

     H.  Noise (153 KB)

     I.   Public Services (109 KB)

            1.   Police Services

            2.   Fire/Emergency Service

     J.    Traffic, Circulation and Parking (259 KB)

            1.   Traffic and Circulation

            2.   Parking

     L.   Risk of Upset (89 KB)




      A.  Impacts Determined Less Than Significant

      B.   Growth Inducing Impacts

      C.  Irreversible Environmental Impacts



      A.  No Project Alternative

      B.   Reduced Building Size Alternative

      C.   Residential Develoment Alternative

      D.   Reduced Denisty Alternative

      E.   Environmentally Superior Alternative




      A.  Preparers of the EIR

      B.  Organizations and Persons Consulted

      C.  References

      D.  Acronymns




List of Figures

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Figure III.A-1     Project Location Map (6491 KB)

Figure III.A-2    Existing Conditions Site Plan (7265 KB)

Figure III.B-1    Aerial Photograph of the Project Site (110 KB)

Figure III.D-1    Conceptual Site Plan (4669 KB)

Figure III.D-2    Conceptual Site Plan - Initial Phase (5755 KB)

Figure III.D-3    Conceptual Site Plan - Final Phase (4650 KB)

Figure III.D-4    Education Building Floor Plan - First Floor (3890 KB)

Figure III.D-5    Education Building Floor Plan - Second Floor (63 KB)

Figure III.D-6    Education Building Floor Plan Third Floor (5344 KB

Figure III.D-7    Education Building Floor Plan - Roof Plan(5294 KB)

Figure III.D-8    Education Building Cross Sections (4833 KB)

Figure III.D-9    Education Building Elevations (5470 KB)

Figure III.F-1    Related Projects Map (4907 KB)

Figure IV.A-1    Project Location Map (6180 KB)

Figure IV.A-2    Views of Project Site, Views 1 and 2 (7482 KB)

Figure IV.A-3    Views of Project Site, Views 3 and 4 (7379 KB)

Figure IV.A-4    Views of Project Site, Views 5 and 6 (7382 KB)

Figure IV.A-5    Views of Project Site, Views 7 and 8 (6177 KB)

Figure IV.A-6    Views of Project Site, Views 9 and 10 (7272 KB)

Figure IV.A-7    Views of Project Site, Views 11 and 12 (7310 KB)

Figure IV.C-1    Oak Tree Location Map (5623 KB)

Figure IV.C-2    Initial Phase Landscape Map (6475 KB)

Figure IV.C-3    Final Phase Landscape Map (6392 KB)

Figure IV.D-1    Geotechnical Map (6061 KB)

Figure IV.D-2    Regional Fault Location Map (6907 KB)

Figure IV.D-3    Cross Sectional Trench Logs (5878 KB)

Figure IV.D-4    Cross Sectional Trench Logs (3670 KB)

Figure IV.G-1    Land Use Designations and Zoning Map (6293 KB)

Figure IV.H-1    Typical Construction Equipment Noise Generation

                   Levels (4862 KB)

Figure IV.I-1      Fire and Police Station Map (6104 KB)

Figure IV.J.1-1   Existing Daily Neighborhood Traffic

                   Volumes (5607 KB)

Figure IV.J.1-2    Existing AM and PM Peak Hour Traffic

                   Volumes (5568 KB)

Figure IV.J.1-3    Existing Freeway and Ramp Traffic

                   Volumes (5595 KB)

Figure IV.J.1-4    Related Projects Traffic Volumes (5592 KB)

Figure IV.J.1-5   Ambient Background Traffic Volumes

                   2005 (2710 KB)

Figure IV.J.1-6    2005 Pre-Project AM and PM Peak Hour

                   Traffic Volumes (5572 KB)

Figure IV.J.1-7    Future 2020 Freeway and Ramp Plus Project

                   Traffic Volumes (5574 KB)

Figure IV.J.1-8    Project Traffic Distribution Assignment (5287 KB)

Figure IV.J.1-9    Project AM and PM Peak Hour Traffic

                   Volumes (5451 KB)

Figure IV.J.1-10   2005 Post Project AM and PM Peak Hour

                   Traffic Volumes (5054 KB)

Figure IV.J.1-11   Proposed Traffic Mitigation Improvement

                   Rinaldi/Shoshone (5542 KB)

Figure IV.J.2-1     Proposed Parking Plan (5873 KB)

Figure IV.J.2-2     Proposed Overflow Parking Plan (6372 KB)

Figure VI.C-1     Residential Alternative Site Plan (7043 KB)






Table III.D-1       Hillcrest Christian School and Church West Campus

               Expansion Plan

Table III.F-1       Related Projects List

Table IV.B-1       Ambient Air Quality Standards

Table IV.B-2       Project Area Air Quality Summary

Table IV.B-3       South Coast Air Basin Attainment Plan

Table IV.B-4       Daily Construction-Related Emissions

Table IV.B-5       "New" Project Operations Air Pollution Emissions

Table IV.B-6        Microscale Impact Assessment

Table IV.C-1       Tree Removal/Replacement Summary

Table IV.D-1       Deterministic Site Parameters

Table IV.G-1       Granada Hills/Knollwood Community Plan Project

               Consistency Analysis

Table IV.H-1       Land Use Compatibility Guidelines for Exterior Community Noise

Table IV.H-2       On-Site Noise Metering Results

Table IV.H-3       Construction Noise Exposure as a Function of Distance

Table IV.H-4       Project-Related Traffic Noise Impact Assessment

Table IV.H-5       Student Noise Impact Assessment

Table IV.I-1        Crimes Reporting District Occurance

Table IV.I-2        Maximum Response Distance

Table IV.J.1-1     Level of Service Definitions

Table IV.J.1-2     Freeway Mainline Level of Service Definitions

Table IV.J.1-3     Neighborhood Street Segment Traffic Flow

Table IV.J.1-4     Level of Service - Pre-Project Conditions - 2000

Table IV.J.1-5     Significant Impact Criteria for Study Intersections

Table IV.J.1-6     Significant Impact Criteria for Residential Streets

Table IV.J.1-7     Related Projects Trip Generation

Table IV.J.1-8     Level of Service - Pre-Project Conditions - 2005

Table IV.J.1-9     Project Trip Generation

Table IV.J.1-10   Level of Service Traffic Conditions

Table IV.J.1-11   Level of Service - Freeway Analyses

Table IV.J.1-12   Level of Service - Freeway Ramp Analyses

Table VI-1        Hillcrest Christian School History of Student Enrollment

Table VI.A-1      Future Traffic Conditions (Year 2005) Without Project

Table VI.D-1      Project Impacts and Alternatives Anaysis Matrix