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Preservation Incentives

Historic preservation is not just about regulations that prevent inappropriate changes to historic resources. Successful preservation programs also make incentives available for owners of historic properties. Read about some of the City’s current preservation incentives below.

Mills Act Program

The Mills Act Historical Property Contract Program is the City’s most significant financial incentive for historic preservation. It allows owners of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments (HCMs) and contributing properties within one of the City’s Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZs) to receive a potential property tax reduction to help offset the costs of substantial rehabilitation and restoration of their buildings.

There are property assessed valuation thresholds in place for new applications: $1.5 million for single-family residences or $3 million for multi-family residential, commercial, or industrial properties. Any properties exceeding these valuation limits require an application for an exemption and the preparation of an Historic Structure Report..

2021 Mills Act Program

Information on the City of Los Angeles’s 2021 Mills Act Historical Property Contract application cycle will be available soon. To receive updates, sign up to subscribe to City Planning e-mails and click “Mills Act Program” under Current Planning Initiatives.

In the meantime, additional information about the program is available below and in the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Application   $650                  
Appeal of Staff Determination of Ineligibility   $1,532                  
Valuation Exemption   $2,266                  
Contract Execution   $2,796                  

Additional Information

Email Los Angeles City Planning’s Office of Historic Resources with Mills Act questions at