Case Reports

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Every other week, Los Angeles City Planning provides case filings to neighborhood councils and interested community members. These cases include all discretionary planning applications that City Planning reviews. Each entry provides helpful information, such as a project’s description and address, to keep communities informed about local development activities. 

The online map below identifies the sites of recent project applications, along with their requested planning entitlements. Scroll down to access reports for project applications filed more than two months ago. Consult City Planning’s web-based mapping application, Zoning Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS), for a detailed look at the types of planning entitlements previously filed for any property in the City of Los Angeles.

Click here for a summary of commonly used prefixes and suffixes. This guide to case numbers will help newcomers decipher City Planning’s shorthand for planning approvals.

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Condo Conversion Reports

Cases Filed before 2000
Cases Filed between 2000 and 2009
Cases Filed from 2010 to Present