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The Zone Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS) is a web-based mapping tool that provides zoning information for properties located in Los Angeles. ZIMAS was developed by City Planning to assist residents and businesses in making better informed land use decisions. The online mapping system is used to look up property information, ranging from a parcel’s land use and zoning designations to its planning application and building permit history.

Search ZIMAS by:

  • Property Address
  • Street Intersection
  • Assessor Parcel Number
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  • PIN Number
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Here are some helpful tips for using ZIMAS.

Look up a Property's Zoning

In ZIMAS, users can find the designated zoning for a property under the "Planning and Zoning" menu.

Verify Development Limitations

Many properties across Los Angeles are subject to some type of overlay that limits or restricts what can be built. ZIMAS indicates whether a site is located within a Historic Overlay Preservation Zone, a Specific Plan, a Community Design, or any other overlay. Consult the "Planning and Zoning" menu for more information.

Consult the City's Zoning Code

Los Angeles publishes its zoning ordinances through American Legal Publishing Corporation. Click on the zoning for a property in ZIMAS to be automatically directed to American Legal's website to access the Zoning Code and learn what can be constructed onsite.

Contact Planning Staff

Questions? Contact City Planning staff at any of the public counters. The public counters serve as a single portal and point of consultation for project applications, offering guidance during the pre-application process.

zoning search
ZIMAS User Guide & Tutorial Videos
Using the latest technology, ZIMAS links together various digital maps and databases. In doing so, it allows its user to display layers of information in a manner that is both easy to visualize and understand. City Planning has developed a series of helpful documents and tutorial videos to assist in using this application.