Clean Up Green Up

On June 19, 2013, the City Council initiated the Clean Up Green Up pilot by approving the Clean Up Green Up Trust Fund Ordinance. The goal of the pilot program is to address the cumulative health impacts of industrial land uses adjacent to homes, schools, parks, and other sensitive areas. The program begins in portions of Boyle Heights, Pacoima, and Wilmington that have been affected by industrial pollution.

Staff Contact
Hagu Solomon-Cary, Project Manager
(213) 473-7005,

Melissa Plamondon, Project Manager
(213) 485-3905,

Los Angeles River Planning

The City Council adopted the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan (LARRMP) in May 2007, setting out a 50-year plan to transform the Los Angeles River from a concrete-lined flood control channel into a natural feature of a thriving ecosystem.

Staff Contact
Claire Bowin, Senior City Planner
(213) 847-3710,
Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan | Los Angeles River Improvement Overlay District | Cornfield Arroyo Seco Specific Plan


Venice Local Coastal Program

The California Coastal Act requires Venice to have a Local Coastal Program (LCP) establishing land use, development, natural resource protection, coastal access, and public recreation policies for the Venice Coastal Zone.

In partnership with the California Coastal Commission, Los Angeles City Planning will implement the Venice LCP once the Commission has certified it.

Staff Contact Laura MacPherson, City Planner  
(213) 978-1187,

Eva Chang-Person, Planning Assistant
(213) 978-0628,

Elizabeth Gallardo, City Planning Associate
(213) 978-1297,


Wildlife Pilot Study

The Wildlife Pilot Study focuses on an area in the Santa Monica Mountains that balances low-density residential neighborhoods with wildlife habitat. City Planning is using the area to test development guidelines and regulations that protect biological resources.

Staff Contact
Lena Mik, City Planning Associate
(213) 978-2717,

Nina Phinouwong, Planning Assistant
(213) 978-1302,

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