Existing Community Plans

The City of Los Angeles maintains 35 Community Plans, one for each of its Community Plan Areas. The Community Plans establish neighborhood-specific goals and implementation strategies to achieve the broad objectives laid out in the City’s General Plan. Together, the 35 Community Plans make up the General Plan’s Land Use Element, which plays an important role in bolstering housing and job opportunities, conserving open space and natural resources, and balancing different neighborhoods’ needs. 

Each Community Plan consists of a policy document and a land use map. The policy document lays out the community’s goals, policies, and programs, while the land use map identifies where certain uses (such as residential, commercial, and industrial) are permitted. Together, the policy document and land use map inform local zoning decisions. Proposed changes to the City’s zoning are usually initiated though Community Plan Updates.

The interactive map below displays all 35 Community Plan Areas. Click on a Community Plan Area for more information.