Public Counter

The public counter at Los Angeles City Planning’s Development Services Centers (DSCs) serves as a single portal and point of consultation for a wide range of project applications. In the City of Los Angeles, there are three DSCs with dedicated planning resources: Metro (Downtown), Valley (Van Nuys), and West Los Angeles.

Applicants can schedule an appointment to receive technical guidance on planning approvals during the design, entitlement, and permitting stages of a project. Small business owners and residents can also visit the DSCs to learn about proposed land use regulations pertaining to land use.

Important Notice Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Under the modified Development Service Center (DSC) operations adopted at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person appointments with DSC staff are not currently available. However, you may schedule a telephone or video conference appointment to meet remotely with DSC staff, and you may make an in-person appointment to review or retrieve records, including California Environmental Quality Act documents, if an alternate means of review or retrieval is not available. 

Per City Ordinance 187219, proof of vaccination is required for a patron to enter an indoor portion of a City facility beginning November 29, 2021. This includes DSCs. In lieu of vaccination, visitors with a reasonable accommodation due to a medical condition, restriction, or a sincerely held religious belief may provide a negative COVID test within 72 hours of entry. You can request a digital COVID-19 Vaccination Record if you were vaccinated in California (unless you were vaccinated at a federal facility) by visiting For more information about vaccine records, visit the LA County Vaccine Records website.

City Planning has also established in-person drop-off areas at all three DSCs for applicants to submit plans and applications. The in-person drop-off areas are available during regular business hours in secure, monitored locations outside the DSCs. Please note, however, vaccination will not need to be verified for customers who are only utilizing the drop-off/pick-up areas at DSC lobbies.

City Planning personnel will contact applicants to offer technical guidance on the during the design, entitlement, and permitting stages of a project. Small business owners and residents can find more information about proposed land use regulations on City Planning's website.

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