Appeal Applications Online Filing

Filing of Appeals:

Parties can submit appeals for discretionary applications at the public counter.  An appeal contests the outcome of a project or policy decision.

On the final day to file an appeal, the application must be submitted, accepted by Planning staff, and paid for by 4:30PM (PT). Should the final day fall on a weekend or City Holiday, the time for filing an appeal shall be extended to 4:30PM (PT) on the next succeeding working day.

Non-Applicant appeals of entitlements using form CP-7769 or CP-7840 can be filed online using the instructions below.

Application Package:

Planning staff will screen the application package to determine whether all documents and materials listed herein as applicable to the request (i.e. depending on the location, type of project or requested action) have been submitted. To facilitate the filing process materials should be organized in the order listed in the Appeal Application's instructions.

Please refer to the City Planning case determination to identify the Zone Code section for the entitlement and the appeal procedure.

Online credit card payments will be accepted for this type of appeal. Please note that a credit card processing fee up to 2.75% will be charged against the filing fee for the appeal.

Step - 1.  Fill out the application
  • Appeal Applications (CP-7769 and CP-7840) can be completed online (Building and Safety appeals cannot be filed online at this time)
  • An electronically signed version of the application will be emailed after completion of the form
  • To start the process, click on the link below:
Step - 2.  Submit the Appeal Application for review
  • Download the signed version of the Appeal Application from the email received.
  • Proceed to the next step by clicking on the link below.  Be sure have the signed application and all related documents ready for upload.