Development Services

Project applications begin at the public counter of Los Angeles City Planning’s Development Services Centers (DSCs). Residents and business owners can visit three locations (Metro/Downtown Los Angeles, Valley, and West Los Angeles) to receive technical planning guidance during the design, entitlement, and permitting stages of a project.

The "deep counter" at Metro DSC offers consultation and specialized services that extend beyond the traditional public counter operations at the other DSCs. The deep counter’s services are tailored to the needs of specific industries.

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Public Counter

Zoning Information
Prior to applying for any land use permits or entitlements, applicants are encouraged to consult with planning staff at the public counter to verify zoning regulations and planning approvals.

Case Filings for Entitlements or Administrative Approvals
Project applications for entitlements and administrative approvals are filed at the public counter. Planning staff is available to assist applicants with processing these applications.

Case Condition Approvals
Once entitlements have been granted, planners sign off on project conditions of approval at the public counter. The next step is applying for a building permit.

Permit Clearances
Planners review building permit sign-off requests at the public counter. Before construction can begin, the review determines whether the necessary planning entitlements have been approved and the required conditions of approval cleared.

Filing of Appeals
Parties submit appeals for discretionary applications at the public counter. An appeal contests the outcome of a project or policy decision.

Coastal Exemptions
The public counter also processes coastal exemptions for administrative approvals. These exemptions are for projects that have minimal or no impact to coastal resources.

Deep Counter

Note: The following services are offered at the Metro DSC.

Housing Services
Housing Services offers specialized, technical assistance for a number of affordable housing projects, processing the necessary entitlements and clearing the conditions of approval. The work of Housing Services is part of a larger effort to advance an equitable mix of housing opportunities in Los Angeles. Click here for more information.

Home-Sharing takes in, reviews, and approves applications relating to the short-term rental of a primary residence. Click here to learn more about the program.

Wireless and Telecommunications
Wireless and Telecommunications reviews zoning regulations and condition clearances for the placement of wireless telecommunications facilities on public and private property.

Map Processing
Map Processing facilitates private street dedications and lot line adjustments, offering general consultation and case filing instructions for applicants seeking guidance on project applications not subject to the State Subdivision Map Act’s standard guidelines for review.

Beverage & Entertainment Streamlined (BESt)
The BESt Program handles the initial case intake services and project sign-off for stand-alone alcohol sales (CUB) and entertainment (CUX) entitlements, standardizing the types of conditions imposed citywide on the restaurant and hospitality industries to establish consistency.
Online Application System

Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Program (MViP)
The Monitoring, Verification & Inspection Program (MViP) verifies conditions of compliance for stand-alone alcohol and entertainment entitlements, coordinating with the Department of Building and Safety to monitor and enforce the operations citywide.

Preliminary Application Review Program (PARP)
PARP provides guidance and technical assistance for qualified housing development projects primarily through the processing of SB330/Housing Crisis Act (HCA) Preliminary Applications and facilitating Building and Safety’s preliminary zoning assessment review and City Planning’s entitlement review of housing development projects. Click here to learn more about the program.

Redevelopment Plans
Redevelopment Plans outline a community vision and revitalization opportunities within specific neighborhoods across Los Angeles. Each Redevelopment Project Area has a unique set of land use restrictions designed specifically to enhance the quality of life for the community.

Case Management

In partnership with the Department of Building and Safety, City Planning offers Development Services Case Management (DSCM): the main portal for consultation, assistance, and troubleshooting for complex development projects requiring interdepartmental approvals. The office brings together case managers from various city departments, including City Planning, Building and Safety, Engineering, Transportation, and Water and Power.

Consult the DSCM Services Matrix to determine project eligibility requirements.

DSCM Service Request Form