COFEM Focus Group

PUBLISHED ON: September 4, 2018



Above: Small group discussions during COFEM outreach event

On January 31, the Southeast Valley team conducted focus groups with more than 20 Latino community leaders from the San Fernando Valley, part of a targeted effort to reach out to groups that were underrepresented at our Open House events. Like the Open House listening sessions, these focus groups were an opportunity for community members to talk about key issues of concern to them such as housing density and design, the perception of safety when walking or using public transit, traffic and parking, and the need for more green and open spaces. 

The focus groups were organized in conjunction with COFEM (Consejo de Federaciones Mexicanas), a nonprofit whose mission is to promote civic engagement in immigrant communities. Our deepest appreciation to COFEM’s leadership for helping make these focus groups happen. 

If you know of a Southeast Valley stakeholder group that would like to participate in our targeted outreach efforts, please email us at