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The Los Angeles City Council has directed Los Angeles City Planning to prepare an ordinance to amend the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) to allow the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) to implement a Transportation Communication Network (TCN) (CF 22-0392). Metro is proposing to erect digital display signs on up to 49 Metro-owned parcels throughout the City that are adjacent to certain freeways and major streets as part of its TCN program. Los Angeles City Planning has prepared two draft ordinances to authorize this program. The proposed ordinances, known as the Metro TCN Ordinance (ordinance), will create a new Supplemental Use District (SUD) and include a Zone Change to apply the TCN SUD and its regulations to specific parcels owned by Metro.

The Metro TCN project would incorporate digital display signs, up to two per structure, that would provide real-time traffic and transit information, display Metro service alerts, public emergency messaging, and permit off-site advertising. Revenue from off-site advertising would support local transportation projects in the City.

The City entered into a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Metro in early 2022 to share any revenue generated from the off-site advertising on these signs for 20 years. This agreement (C-139852), negotiated by City’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) at the direction of City Council, outlines how the shared revenue will be allocated and puts restrictions on how and where these funds may be spent by the City. The funds will be overseen by the City’s Department of Transportation.

Together the two proposed Metro TCN Ordinances’ regulations include specific operational standards, location restrictions, and maintenance requirements for the sign structures and digital displays. The Ordinances also incorporates a required program for the removal of existing static off-site signs and billboards both on Metro-owned property and private property resulting in a net reduction in off-site signage within the City. The draft ordinance and a fact sheet are now available, and public comment may be submitted to the City Planning contact below.

Contact Information

City Planning Contact
Terri Osborne
200 N. Spring Street, Suite 701
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 482-7084

Metro Contact

Staff Recommendation Report now available (See Resources Tab)

Revised Draft Ordinance

Click here to access the latest draft of the Metro TCN Ordinance. The draft ordinance outlines the procedures, regulations, and locations of the proposed Metro TCN project.