Los Angeles City Planning engages with community members on a variety of land use issues. In addition to hosting events and speaking at neighborhood council meetings, City Planning staff maintain a blog to share updates and insights on planning matters.

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How does the Census relate to Planning?

What is the Census?

The Census is our nationwide headcou

What is a Specific Plan?

A Specific Plan is a planning document that implements the goals and policies of the General

Meet Your Community Liaisons

Meet Your Community Liaisons


Housing Element & General Plan

In the State of California, cities are charged with developing a General Plan to inform their decisions—everything from their housing policies to their zoning regulations.

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The City of Los Angeles is embarking on  the 2021-2029 update to the Housing Element of the General Plan. The Housing Element identifies Los Angeles’s housing needs and establishes clear goals and objectives.

Zoning in Los Angeles

Zoning determines the size, shape, style, and location of buildings in a given area. If cities were living organisms, zoning would be their genetic code.  As genes determine people’s height and eye color, zoning dictates the land use rules at the local level.