Harbor LA Community Plans Update

The Harbor LA Community Plans Update

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The Harbor LA Community Plans consist of two of the City’s 35 Community Plans: Harbor Gateway and Wilmington-Harbor City. Community plans constitute the Land Use Element of the General Plan, the long-range planning document that presents the goals and policies for the future of its neighborhoods.

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning updates Community Plans periodically to ensure that the land in each community is able to accommodate future generations of people and jobs in a way that is aligned with the environmental, land use and development goals for the region.

Community Plans establish goals and policies to guide future land use and development within each Community Plan Area. Community Plans consist of a Community Plan policy document and a General Plan Land Use Map. Land use designations establish the general location and intensity of different uses of land. Each land use designation has corresponding zones which regulate the size, shape, location, and use of buildings on a given property. The Community Plan Update is an opportunity to make needed changes or updates to land use designations and zoning for a community plan area. As part of this community plan update, new zoning developed through the comprehensive update of the City’s Zoning Code will be applied.

Existing Community Plans

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The Harbor Gateway Community Plan Area is situated in the southern part of Los Angeles, south of 120th Street and north of Sepulveda Boulevard. It is surrounded by the communities of Southeast Los Angeles, Wilmington-Harbor City, and the Cities of Gardena, Torrance and Carson. 

The Harbor Gateway Plan Area contains approximately 3,229 acres. The Plan Area is a narrow corridor which links the City's harbor, San Pedro, Wilmington and Harbor City to the main body of the City. The Harbor Gateway Community Plan was last updated in 1995.

  • Community Plan Document
  • General Plan Land Use Map
  • Generalized Zoning Map
  • Demographic Profile

The Wilmington-Harbor City Community Plan Area is located between the planning communities of Harbor Gateway, San Pedro, and the Port of Los Angeles, and adjacent to the cities of Torrance, Lomita, Rancho Palos Verdes, Carson, Long Beach, and an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County.

The Wilmington-Harbor City Community Plan Area contains approximately 6,481 net acres. Most of the topography is level except for a small amount of varied, hillside terrain located in the southwest portion of the Plan Area, adjacent to Rancho Palos Verdes. The Wilmington-Harbor City Community Plan was last updated in 1999.

  • Community Plan Document
  • General Plan Land Use Map
  • Generalized Zoning Map
  • Demographic Profile

Draft Plans


Preliminary Draft Plans - Spring 2022

Draft Plans (text-only) - Summer 2021


Review the Draft Land Use Maps presented in the Harbor LA Interactive Storymap.

  • Harbor Gateway
  • Wilmington - Harbor City


Review the Draft Land Use Recommendations shared at the May 2019 Community Workshops.

Picture of Harbor Gateway Map Picture of Wilmington - Harbor Map

Process / Outreach Timeline

The Harbor LA Community Plans Update is a multi-year program which began in Summer 2018. Please refer to the Outreach Timeline below to see the major steps in the process.


Document Library

Draft Land Use Maps - October 2020

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

A state law requiring state and local agencies to analyze the potential impacts of their actions on the environment, disclose their findings to the public, and to mitigate impacts where feasible.

Community Plan

The Land Use Element of the General Plan consists of 35 Community Plans. Each focuses on a particular area or community in the City (e.g., Harbor Gateway Community Plan).


The number of residential units permitted per acre of land.

Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

Type of environmental review prepared when the City determines that a project may potentially have significant environmental impacts.

Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

The ratio of the gross floor area of a building to the area of the lot where it is located. (This video explains FAR.)

Height District

Part of the zoning that establishes the height and FAR limitations.

Infill Development

Development of vacant or underutilized land within urban communities that are nearly fully developed.

Mixed-Use Development

A project that combines compatible uses within the same structure or parcel, such as residential uses above ground floor commercial space.


A law or statute enacted by a city government. Zoning is established by ordinance.

Planning Commission

A permanent committee of five or more citizens who are appointed by the City to review matters related to planning and development.


A minimum distance required by zoning to be maintained between two structures or between a structure and property lines (also known as a yard).

Transit Oriented Development

Development located near transit. The City’s General Plan encourages locating new housing and businesses near transit to provide convenient alternatives to car travel (e.g., walking, bicycling, taking public transportation).


The type of activity or development permitted in a specific zone.


Zoning determines the uses permitted on a parcel and provides regulations for development, including height, bulk, and setbacks.

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